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How To Use Your Eyes To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Now we haul in the heavy eyeball artillery: very sticky eyes or superglue eyes. Lets call them Epoxy Eyes. Big bosses use Epoxy Eyes to evaluate employees. Police investigators use Epoxy Eyes to intimidate suspected criminals. And clever Romeos use Epoxy Eyes to make women fall in love with them. (If romance is your goal, Epoxy Eyes is a proven aphrodisiac.) The Epoxy Eyes technique takes at least three people to pull offyou, your target, and one other person. Heres how it works.

Usually, when youre chatting with two or more people, you gaze at the person who is speaking. However, the Epoxy Eyes technique suggests you concentrate on the listeneryour targetrather than the speaker. This slightly disorients the target and he or she silently asks, Why is this person looking at me instead of the speaker? Your target senses you are extremely interested in his or her reactions. This can be beneficial in certain business situations when it is appropriate that you judge the listener. Human resources professionals often use Epoxy Eyes, not as a technique, but because they are sincerely interested in a prospective employees reaction to certain ideas being presented. Attorneys, bosses, police investigators, psychologists, and others who must examine subjects reactions also use Epoxy Eyes for analytical purposes. When you use Epoxy Eyes, it sends out signals of interest blended with complete confidence in yourself. But because Epoxy Eyes puts you in a position of evaluating or judging someone else, you must be careful. Dont overdo it or you could come across as arrogant and brazen.

Epoxy Eyes
This brazen technique packs a powerful punch. Watch your target person even when someone else is talking. No matter who is speaking, keep looking at the man or woman you want to impact. Sometimes using full Epoxy Eyes is too potent, so here is a gentler, yet effective, form. Watch the speaker but let your glance bounce to your target each time the speaker finishes a point. This way Mr. or Ms. Target still feels you are intrigued by his or her reactions, yet there is relief from the intensity.

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