Can I Make My Ex Girlfriend Take Me Back – Here’s How To Do It Without Looking Like A Fool

Let me start right off by saying that you cannot make her take you back by any kind of “force.” You have to make her want to take you back because she feels that the attraction is strong enough and that the alternative of losing you is painful enough that she cannot think about it actually happening. Any thoughts of being able to discover some technique that will “brain wash” her into taking you back need to leave your head, ASAP.

Making your ex girlfriend want to take you back is a PROCESS. It takes some time, some effort, and definitely some *patience.* If you are unwilling to give yourself to getting her back, then you might as well not even try. You will probably end up thinking that it is too hard to manage. Well, it does not have to be.

Here’s how to get your ex girlfriend to take you back, without looking like a FOOL:

1. You need to lay the foundation first.

In this case, the foundation has to be you accepting her wishes to break up right now. Realize that a breakup does not have to be a permanent condition. It can be temporary. If you allow your imagination get away from you, then you will probably have visions of her getting with every guy in sight. Rest assured that won’t happen. If it did, then you would know that she was not the one to fall for.

2. Next, you have to set the “trap.”

Of course, this is not a literal trap. This is a trap in that you are going to make her start to think about you in a romantic way again. You need to, otherwise, you are going to end up being just a friend. And when you stay friends with your ex, it’s not a pleasant thing to have to go through. To make her feel those romantic feelings again, you have to discover how to trigger attraction using her own emotions as a tool to make it happen.

3. Finally, you are going to have to really put it in high gear.

Once you start seeing her feel that attraction for you again, you have to step your game up. This is when you have to use methods that are proven to make her feel like she just cannot resist you. Things like using the push/pull method to make your ex girlfriend feel sexual tension and attraction will help to really solidify the whole reconciliation. Don’t think that it is impossible to make her want to take you back, it can happen and it does not have to be that difficult.

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