How To Get Your Ex Back- And Rebuild The Relationship

You want to know how to rebuild your relationship and get your ex to come back. What can you do?

This can be a difficult enterprise. Sometimes the things you need to do will seem counter productive. You need to be strong and have faith in the process and yourself.

One important strategy is to step back and stay calm. Raging emotions are usually unhelpful. No desperation here, just logical thinking, in determining what you need to do to have the best chance of rebuilding your relationship.

You should realize that the break up could be permanent and you will have to prepare yourself for this eventuality. It is important here to understand that in the long term it is better to cut your loses and move on than keep pursuing a lost course. Look at it this way, it’s better to be alone than be in the wrong relationship.

Having said that, most relationships can be saved and worth a second chance.

If your ex is resisting making contact, then you need to show that you are OK with that. Acceptance of the situation can take the pressure off and prevent further damage being done.

Constant phone calls/text messages can drive your ex further from the idea of getting back together with you. It is better to have them wondering what you are doing. Remember the saying that absence makes the heart stronger. Keep your ex guessing.

Then get on with your daily activities as if everything is as it should be!)

See your friends and have fun but be careful. Don’t overdo things here as that could be very unproductive. Trying to make your ex jealous is not worth the trouble and could easily backfire.

When your ex hears that you are doing well,he/she may rethink the situation, and start to make reconciliation moves towards you.

Sometimes just by taking the pressure off is all that you need to do. It gives your ex time to realize how good the relationship was and that it is worth another try.

Usually, if the relationship is going to go anywhere, it will be up to the person who walked away to make the first contact.

When contact is renewed be sure to take things slowly. No rushing straight back to where you left off. Give yourselves the time to get to know each other as friends again.

Then it would be the time to discuss the situation, what and why things went wrong. It is important to understand how you both feel and what you both want and need from the relationship.

Having taken the time individually to think things through, you will both be clear about how to proceed.

This way you have a much better chance of getting your ex back and rebuilding you relationship.

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