When to End a Failing Relationship with Your Accident Lawyer in Akron

When a person faces personal injury at the hands of someone else’s negligence, it becomes important to acquire the services of an Akron Law firm or a solo law practitioner in order to receive adequate compensation. While most accident lawyers in Akron are likely to deliver their promises, some might not. So one needs to be careful about the inefficient lawyers and make a timely decision in order to avoid losing the litigation.

Here are a few pointers which can help in deciding whether an accident lawyer in Akron is underperforming or not.


A good Akron Law firm is likely to update the client about case proceedings at regular intervals. Moreover, one should be able to contact the desired lawyer at the selected Akron Law firm as and when required. The case cannot reach a favorable outcome until and unless the lawyer works in collaboration with the client.

If the client has questions to ask, the contracted accident lawyer in Akron should be available to answer it. If this is not the case, it depicts the non-serious attitude of the lawyer in relation with the case. It is therefore advised to start looking for another accident lawyer in Akron if the current one fails to contact within 72 hours of the first message.

Delay in Filling Lawsuit

If the chosen Akron Law firm delays filing the lawsuit without proper reason, it shows their loss of interest in the cause. One is better off with an inexperienced lawyer ready to defend the case than one which does not want to pursue it in the first place. It is therefore important to keep in constant contact with the contracted accident lawyer in Akron to ask about the status. This ensures that the case is being worked on.

Sudden Change of Promises

If the legal services contract started with big promises and bigger aspirations and then suddenly changed into series of depressing conversations, it indicates the relationship was inappropriate to start with. One should be careful about exaggerated promises and dreams in the first place. However, if it looked feasible at the time, one should think about changing the accident lawyer if the morale changes suddenly. No one would like to trust a depressing person with something as sensitive as litigation.

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