Why Would My Girlfriend Want To Take A Break

What do you do when your girlfriend comes to you and said she needs to take a break from your relationship? This most likely will catch you off guard and you will be shocked. You are going to be thinking is this something I brought on or is she just tired of me. Or maybe she has another guy she is seeing and wants some time to see who she prefers.

At least she is not breaking up with you she said she wants to take a break. You have a much better chance of getting her to stay with you as opposed to getting her back. To determine what you need to do, be on the lookout for signs of another guy and take a look at yourself to see if you are pushing her away. Coming right out and asking what’s going on may not help you get the answer you want.

What you must do is act fast to save your relationship. When you determine what may be causing this you need to start making corrective action so your girlfriend will see something positive happening. If your girlfriend were to tell you why she wants to take a break that would make your job easier. What you do not want to do is beg or plead for her not to leave you, it will make you look weak and give her more power, that’s not what you want.

Sometimes these things can sneak up on you if you are not paying attention. You should be aware of what’s going on in your relationship so you can act accordingly to prevent your girlfriend from wanting to take a break or breaking up.

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